“Mess but Less”

Lash Preference: Starlette (Petite)

When we were kids, my sister and I had a make-believe discount store, “Mess but Less”.

Discounted lashes:
Due to our lashes being handmade, sometimes we receive lashes that are not consistent with the style intended, or do not pass our quality inspection. 

Some things to expect:

  • Incorrect lash fiber direction or placement on some segments
  • Incorrect widths on some segments
  • Incorrect length of some lash fibers
  • Outer packaging may be damaged or missing
  • Lashes may be attached to trays with sticky adhesive (V.1 packaging)

Discount lashes are grouped by approximate length, and styles are randomly selected based on availability.

Usually only a few segments are flawed, so these lashes are great to use as “practice” lashes for beginners, or to mix and match to create your own lash styles. You may even discover a new style or custom lash map that you love!