Why Evieluxx Was Founded

As a full-time pharmacist and mom, there was always little time to get ready in the morning. I am not a morning person, so with two young kids and two cats, I always ended up going throughout the day lashless. I always wished there was a way to apply lashes on at night and wake up with them on already. False strip lashes were hard to apply in a time-crunch and hard to blend in without eye makeup. Lash extensions were an option, but with my budget and busy schedule, it would be too pricey, time consuming, and hard to maintain.


When my sister told me about an old lash hack of cutting up and applying false strip lashes underneath our own lashes to make them look like lash extensions, I was hooked! This technique was such a game-changer for me that I became obsessed with it. In the search for lashes for ourselves, we decided that we wanted to create lashes that are lightweight and high-quality, but also make it affordable for everyone!

What makes our lashes so great?

Quick and easy.


Our lash segments are applied underneath the natural lashes, slightly away from the lash line.


Gentle on your lashes.


The glue used to apply the segments is formulated to have a strong, but flexible hold, so that your own lashes can still grow and stay healthy. 


Cruelty-free. Vegan. Water-resistant.


Our lashes are responsibly handmade using Korean PBT fibers, which are soft, natural-looking, and water-resistant.


Affordable. Lasts up to a week. Easy removal. Reusable with care.


The lashes can be worn for up to a week, but are also easily removed if you would like to remove them sooner.

Behind the Scenes

I spent a lot of time and money on finding the right manufacturers and having countless customized samples made. My sister and I then tried on and tested all the lashes, glues, and other products for ease of application, comfort, and longevity. Through extensive research, we were able to bring to you lashes with the perfect combination of durability, ease, and comfort!

Behind Some Names


For my cat, Eevee, who is named after the Pokémon



Our darkest lashes for the dark-colored Minecraft block, a game my kids love