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The essentials bundle includes everything you need to get started.
Here's what you'll get:
  • 2 pairs of Evieluxx lashes (Choose your combination below!)
  • 1 Lash glue
  • 1 Curved lash applicator
  • 1 Sticky lash pad

What Evieluxx Customers Are Saying

I am literally obsessed with Evieluxx, the moonlight style is my favorite.

These lashes have saved my time in the morning, They Look beautiful for days.

So easy to apply and Wearing Evieluxx lashes has saved my real lashes. No more ripping off falsies evey night and damaging my lashes.

Jessica Garcia

I'm a novice when it comes to anything makeup related, especially lashes. The bundle has everything you need and the lashes are the absolute best. I don't have to apply them daily, they can get wet, it's a dream come true for someone like me! Customer support is FABULOUS, shipping is super fast, everything about this is great!

Nicole Brown


And I mean it.

I am always in a hurry, I never have time to sit down & wait for glue to get tacky. This sticky pad is an absolute time saver, it also let's all the glue become tacky at once so you can just 1, 2, 3 etc apply the lashes. It's GENIUS!

Georgina Lewis

I absolutely love these lashes! The style is so natural and they create the look of the most beautiful lash extensions in minutes for a fraction of the price.

Natalie Buttacavoli

I love love love these lashes. I’ve tried falscara and didn't want to try ******* because of the price but you can NOT beat the price of this. It is amazing and it looks like lash extensions. It is really easy to apply once you get the hang out of it. I will definitely keep repurchasing. I love how full they make my lashes.

Kara Wilson

I keep ordering the same lashes for the 4th time already. I love how this lashes withstood heavy winds and still looked nice after being out the whole day. Will definitely order more again

Abigail Gadiano

I bought this after shopping out some other brands. The value is unbeatable! I am so happy with this set! It includes everything you need to get started! I get so many compliments on my lashes now

Amanda Banzalii


I remember purchasing so many lash products from ******* to falscara to magnetic lashes then to glueing lashes on my waterline nothing seemed to work. I came across this brand and I immediately was invested because of my love for lashes. The kit is very easy to use. I loved the feeling that I was not even wearing lashes, it also gave me a lash extension effect which I really loved. Usually I take them off the night of because I don't like anything on my eyes when I sleep, but when I went on a camping trip I decided to keep these on and I was truly impressed how it stayed on and looked good up yo the four day mark.

- Marie Sophia Jimenez

I usually go for the natural look, but for a party, I thought I would up the look - and I was so happily surprised! Obsidian made my eye POP! They were even light and comfortable and lasted 8 days! I love my Evieluxx lashes!

Debbie J

Skip The Morning Makeup Routine

It's amazing what lashes can do for you.

You can achieve this gorgeous look without having to spend 30 minutes every morning putting on your makeup.

And, without spending hundreds on eyelash extensions every other week!

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